Bread oven

Invicta bread oven collection

Opting for a bread oven is a well-accepted choice, commensurate with the elegance of your outdoor space and the refinement of your cooking.

You can install it near the swimming pool, in the corner of a patio, along an unused wall or even choose a hanging model which can be hooked onto a support, giving your property a contemporary look.

A traditional oven

A bread oven is a traditional oven with a baking chamber entirely made of cast iron. Heat is transmitted quickly and evenly with the smoke being expelled from the top via a chimney without coming into contact with food. This is the dome-shaped design, specific to this oven: in fact, this shape means a totally natural fan-type heat can be obtained.

Food is perfectly cooked and does not burn

The temperature in a bread oven rises very fast and cooking is highly efficient: food is perfectly cooked and does not burn. The taste is authentic with very little smoke given off, which offers a significant advantage over other equipment, such as charcoal barbecues. Light and easy to install, a bread oven has a resistant hood and can stay warm for hours and hours without a change in temperature.

Invicta bread ovens: a multifunction design made in France

Invicta collection bread ovens are all multifunction and are made in France.  They can bake bread and pizzas as well as cook traditional grills and oven-baked dishes that you wish to reheat. With the unsurpassed convivial, welcoming atmosphere they create, bread ovens can be used for cooking out of doors in summer and winter alike.

Why not check out and download details of our excellent collection of bread ovens on the virtual magazine on the Invicta Internet site or at one of our retailers throughout France.

Bread oven

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