Talo 11 Pellet Stove

Ductable and powerful, the Talo 11 pellet stove is ideal for distributing hot air into several rooms.

Reference: P641414
Why this product?

Can be connected directly from the wood stove’s fresh air intake to the outside or a crawlspace.

Hourly schedule

*DAY: The unit has 2 daily programs so it can turn on and off twice per day
*WEEK: the unit has 4 weekly programs so that you can program it to turn on and off 4 times per day, every day of the week.
*WEEKEND: the unit has 2 programs for the weekend (Saturday, Sunday), which enable it to turn on and off twice per day

Optional external thermostat control (not included)

Air distribution connection lines are available as an option. Reference P690080: kit 2 connection lines & screws.

Regulate the flame or room temperature

*Adjust operating power: 5 pre-programmed power settings managed automatically.
*Adjust the preset temperature: you choose the desired ambiant temperature in the room. It is measured using a wire probe. The wood pellet stove adjusts its power to reach and maintain the requested value.

Ventilator for hot air output

A tangential forced convection ventilator is used. It distributes the hot air inside the room.

Power modulation
3.9 to 10.4 kW
Heat volume
85 to 325 m³
Heating surface
35 to 130 m²
Green flame
7 stars
90.1 to 95.2%
CO rate
Performance index
Granules of natural wood
length: 30 mm diameter: 6 mm
Capacity of the shaft
25 kg
0.86 to 2.44 kg/h
Minimum autonomy
10 hours
Maximum autonomy
29 hours
Smoke exhaust
Diameter of nozzle
80 mm
Heating element
Nominal voltage
230 V
Electric power
350 W
H 1150 x L 515 x W 540 mm
98 kg
Painted steel cladding
Black, Gris
EN 14785 compliant
2 years
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