Tangara LPE6 pellet stove

Tangara is made with round edges to put the focus on its fire. However, with its sleek design and ceramic finish, this stove is bound to be the highlight of any home decor.

Reference: P643330
Why this product?
Airtight unit RT2012 compatible

Ideal for low-energy consumption construction (BBC) OR RT2012 The unit is equipped with a central fresh air input on a connection nozzle:
* no air intake in the room,
* direct connection possible to crawl space or external air intake.

Can be installed facing front (zone 3 – suction)

Also called the suction exhaust, zone 3 installation does not require an existing chimney flue. The smoke exhaust tubing horizontally to the front. This installation configuration requires a concentric flue and professional advice. Only sealed wood pellet stoves certified by CSTB can be installed in zone 3.

Chrono-thermostat programming

Using the chronothermostat, you can:
* define 3 operating temperatures: comfort, normal, economic,
* set the times for the unit to turn on and off,
* program the wood-burning stove for 24 hours in units of a 1/2 hour, choosing to have the unit turn off or to select one of three pre-defined temperatures,
* set a different schedule for every day of the week.

Combustion Control Kit (CCK)

The KCC is used to adapt the unit to the specifications for wood pellets, such as: the type of installation, altitude, the type of soiling caused by the burner and heat exchanger, to ensure more efficient and better performance over time and to reduce maintenance.

CSTB technical assessment no.14.2/15-2130*V5

The CSTB technical assessment (the French scientific and technical construction center) officially certifies the seal on wood pellet stoves. n°14.2/15-2130*V5

Ventilator for hot air output

A tangential forced convection ventilator is used. It distributes the hot air inside the room.

6 kW
Power modulation
3.1 to 6.3 kW
Heat volume
65 to 180 m³
Heating surface
25 to 70 m²
Green flame
7 stars
CO rate
0.02 to 0.04%
Concentration of powders
26 mg/Nm3
Performance index
Granules of natural wood
length: 30 mm diameter: 6 mm
Capacity of the shaft
16.5 kg
0.7 to 1.48 kg/hour
Minimum autonomy
11 hours
Maximum autonomy
23 hours
Smoke exhaust
Diameter of nozzle
80 mm
Connection of the fresh air circuit
80 mm
Heating element
LPE (modèle de base étanche)
Nominal voltage
230 V
Electric power
350 W on ignition - 90 W in operation
H 1100 x W 560 x D 555 mm
120 kg
Steel + Ceramic
Steel and ceramic coating
Dark grey, White
EN 14785-BlmSchV compliant
2 years
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