Air-tight ductable wood stoves

Airtight ductable wood-burning stoves - a new addition

The airtight ductable wood-burning stove is a recent addition on the heating equipment market, offering incredible thermal comfort in your home.

The very latest addition to the stove family is a highly efficient system, with extremely low energy consumption, based on a specific operating system.

Basically, an airtight ductable stove does not draw in air from the room where it is located but takes in air from outside or the ventilated under-floor space via a connection nozzle situated at the base of the stove.

A substantial reduction in heating bills

Ideal for RT2012 /low-consumption building (BBC) homes, they allow users to obtain significant energy savings, thus substantially reducing heating bills This type of airtight ductable stove is easily installed by a qualified professional and comes in various models tailored to any interior, whether traditional, rustic, modern or contemporary. Do not hesitate to check out the wide range of Invicta airtight ductable stoves on the Internet or directly in a retailer’s store near your home.

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