Pellet stoves

Pellet stoves

Automatic and easy to use, pellet stoves are becoming increasingly popular in all homes.

The pellet stove differs from other wood-burning stoves in that it does not take logs but wood pellets. It is modern and easy, eminently suitable for people looking for natural heating without the need to store or transport logs.

Not forgetting that it is fully automated by means of a keypad on the front panel or a remote control: simply light the pellet stove, programme and set it. Note that it stops automatically when there are no more pellets in the hearth.

Invicta pellet stoves, designed to reduce sound levels

Invicta pellet stoves come with ventilators to blow warm air into the home but have been designed to reduce sound levels. Some models, such as the Pyra pellet stove or mixed log and pellet stoves (Mix and Akimix) even operate with a natural convection system, with no blowing system and are therefore completely silent.

Performance between 80 and 95% for some pellet stoves

While pellet stoves are more expensive to buy than other solutions they are more efficient. In fact, some pellet stoves offer a performance of between 80 and 95%. This can be easily explained by the use of dry, easy-pour fuel, resulting in complete combustion with very little waste.

You will find a wide range of pellet stoves at Invicta, corresponding to the various styles of interior decor. Whether your decor is modern or classic, you will be bound to find a stove corresponding to your tastes. In all cases, our retailers will be pleased to answer your questions on this complete, practical, ecological heating system.

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