Airtight chimney fireplaces

An ideal solution for new construction

Imagine an efficient fireplace in your RT2012 home! It’s possible with an airtight fireplace from Invicta.

Airtight chimney fireplaces

RT2012 Innovations

Invicta airtight hearths that come in sizes 700 and 900 are equipped with connecting ducts to supply fresh air. This makes them appropriate for RT2012-compliant buildings. There is no need for an additional fresh air inlet in the room where the unit is located. The unit draws air via a direct connection to the outside or a crawl space.

Equipped with Air Control systems, Invicta’s airtight hearths provide optimal control of the fire’s speed. Your unit responds immediately to any adjustments to the centralized air supply. This allows you to optimize your wood use while regulating the temperature more easily.

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