Hybrid stoves, logs and pellets

Hybrid stoves offering the benefits of two fuel types

Enjoy the sight of a hearty wood fire while you are at home and maintain a mild temperature overnight or during a prolonged absence by using pellets.

Hybrid stoves, logs and pellets

Logs or pellets, it’s your choice!

If you can’t decide between the advantages of a log stove and those of a pellet stove, try a hybrid model. The unique hybrid stove works like a classic log-burning stove, but also has a pellet reservoir. Log or pellet energy? You decide! You can enjoy the heat and beauty of an old-fashioned wood fire when you’re home, and use pellets to maintain a constant temperature at night or while you’re out.

Practical units

Hybrid log and pellet stoves are easy to use, switching easily from one function to the other. If the electricity goes out, hybrid stoves offer guaranteed energy independence in log mode. Invicta’s hybrid log and pellet stoves give you the freedom to adjust your use according to fluctuations in energy prices, for example, using more logs if the price of pellets increases.

Silent units

Hush! Enjoy the peaceful warmth generated by Invicta hybrid stoves. They function by natural convection, which makes them very quiet.

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