Airtight Wood Burning Stoves

First-of-their-kind connectable, airtight wood stoves

Connectable, airtight wood stoves are a new innovation in the heating appliance market.
This new line of wood stoves brings incredible thermal comfort to your Standard RT2012 home.

Airtight Wood Burning Stoves

Airtight wood stoves are very powerful systems, and the most recent addition to our stove collection.

Air supplied directly to the stove

Energy consumption for wood stoves is extremely low. An airtight, ductable wood stove relies on a specific operating system and installation. The most important characteristic is that an airtight, ductable stove doesn’t draw air from the room in which is it located. It uses air from the outside or from a crawl space via a connecting duct, located at the bottom of the wood stove.

Significantly lower heating bills

Airtight wood stoves are perfect for RT2012-compliant low-energy homes, allowing you to save significant amounts of energy and reduce your heating bills. This type of airtight, ductable unit is fairly easy for a qualified professional to install, and comes in several models. It goes with any interior style, whether traditional, rustic, modern or contemporary.

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