Wood burning stoves

An eco-friendly solution that provides ambiance

Wood stoves, a heating solution that provides numerous benefits, are increasingly popular and are enjoying a great deal of success. These efficient, practical heating systems allow their owners to achieve significant energy savings.

Wood burning stoves

Wood stoves work by using France’s primary renewable energy source: wood biomass. Environmentally friendly and beautiful, this heating system increases your warmth and comfort.

There are two ways to use wood stoves, and each one fills a very specific need:

• Use of wood stoves by homeowners or renters as their main heat source.

• Use of wood stoves as a secondary heating system.

Cost and assistance

The power, efficiency, and of course the price of your stove will depend on which type of use you choose.

Whatever its characteristics or purchase price, wood stoves offer substantial energy savings, quickly paying for themselves. Especially since the cost can be offset by public assistance:

• The French CITE tax credit for energy transition (30% of the cost of the unit. Installation must be performed by a “Reconnue Garant de l’Environnement” [Recognized Environmentally Responsible] company, in compliance with specific qualifying criteria).

• White certificates

• Assistance from certain local authorities

Wood stoves with the label “flamme verte” are eligible for public assistance. As of January 1, 2012, the “flamme verte” label has rated stove energy performances using a star system. The most efficient wood heating units have a “flamme verte” score of 6 or 7 stars.

Invicta, designer of cast iron stoves made in France

Invicta’s production, foundry and enameling sites are located in the Ardennes, between Sedan and Charleville Mézières.

When you purchase an Invicta cast iron heating unit, you know you are investing in a wood stove that is 100% designed and made in France. Today, the “Invicta, 100% made in France” brand is ubiquitous in the world of wood heating. It is known for carefully worked cast iron, a wide and sometimes daring variety of wood stove shapes, thoughtful and innovative designs, high technical and environmental quality, and excellent value for money.

Invicta lets you invest in a high-quality French cast iron wood stove without burning through your budget.

Efficiency and beauty with Invicta

To help you find the perfect wood stove for your home and decor, we offer a variety of product styles to go with modern, designer decor as well as classic or rustic looks.

Cast iron stoves, fireplace stoves, pellet stoves, steel wood stoves, airtight wood stoves, and hybrid stoves are all available now from Invicta.

Each style creates a unique atmosphere of warmth in its own way, while protecting the environment. Besides being beautiful, Invicta’s models offer excellent energy and environmental performance, with efficiency varying between 70% and over 90% and low dust emissions.

Invicta’s laboratories also develop new technology: systems for clean windows, longer burn time, double combustion, air control (a combustion-regulating box for better control of fire speed and optimization of wood consumption), and airtight, ductable units that meet the RT2012 French energy efficiency standards.

Invicta’s modern, cutting-edge wood stoves are beautiful, environmentally friendly and economical. Our distributors (hardware stores, installation specialists, Invicta Shops etc.) are here to provide answers and advice for any type of home decor, and to help you choose the wood stove that will best meet your needs.

They can also verify the technical feasibility of your project, and provide installation services for your log or pellet wood stove in compliance with current regulations.

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