Fireplaces and inserts

Fireplaces and inserts create an inviting ambiance while providing efficient heat

Blending economy and environmentalism, insert fireplaces or closed fireplaces remain classic choices for wood-burning heaters.

Fireplaces and inserts

Our fireplaces equipped with closed hearths or inserts are both economical and environmentally-friendly. These systems ensure a very pleasant, comfortable warmth. And don’t forget that “roaring fire” atmosphere, a major advantage to fireplaces with hearths or inserts! They give a unique, friendly feel to any room.

Figure out what you need.

When you decide to have a fireplace or insert installed in your home, it’s important to start by evaluating your needs. If you’re dreaming of a fireplace with an open hearth, we can certainly create that cozy fireside atmosphere you’re looking for. However, due to their limited efficiency (only 10-15%) and the high levels of pollutants they release into the atmosphere, such systems aren’t considered heating methods. Nonetheless, many people love the authentic charm of a fireplace with an open hearth. You may be able to use one as a secondary heat source in a well-insulated home with an efficient primary heating system.

Closed-hearth fireplaces produce more heat

To heat responsibly, consider an insert or a closed hearth. The wood fire atmosphere and fireplace-style decoration are similar to that of a fireplace with an open hearth. The main difference is in its performance. Enclosed fires produce more heat, with up to 70-75% efficiency for log-burning hearths or inserts. Efficiency can reach 85% or even 90% for pellet inserts. What’s more, wood combustion takes longer, giving the unit a burn time of several hours.

For those who love a roaring fire, Invicta offers a line of closed hearths with double-opening systems. It’s a high-performance heating solution. The doors can be lifted to enjoy the dancing flames in an open-fireplace style. In closed hearth mode, these units provide a high level of efficiency. Whether your fire is for pleasure or for heating, Invicta’s openable hearths let you combine energy efficiency with the authenticity of a traditional fireplace blaze.

The difference between a closed hearth and an insert is often simply in the size of the unit.

An insert is a compact unit, fitted into an existing open hearth fireplace. A closed hearth unit is very tall (large flue/cap), and meant to be installed in a new fireplace built to measure. There are other differences between these two heating units, particularly in terms of how they work. Closed hearths work by natural convection. Inserts have fans, and use a forced air system.

Conditions needed for installation

Whether you choose a closed hearth or an insert, you’ll need to have a chimney duct that meets current applicable standards. A qualified installation specialist can adapt your existing fireplace or create a new one that meets applicable standards and the conditions required for your heating unit to function properly.

Designer hearths and inserts for everyone

Invicta offers you a wide selection of hearths, designer hearths and fireplace inserts. Our goal is to meet your needs exactly. Our extensive line of hearths and fireplace inserts goes with every style and every home, whether your decor is traditional, exotic, modern, or very contemporary. To delight fans of roaring fires, Invicta has created a line of designer products: the “Grand Angle.” Each hearth and insert in the collection comes with a large exterior window, giving fire lovers a panoramic view. With the help of our distributors, you’re sure to find the beautiful, high-performance hearth or fireplace insert that’s right for you.

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