Cast iron and steel wood burning stoves

Efficient stoves for unparalleled energy comfort

In recent years, wood stoves have enjoyed great popularity with French consumers, who appreciate their design, their thermal efficiency, and their eco-friendliness.

Cast iron and steel wood burning stoves

With your steel or cast iron wood stove, you’ll enjoy a gentle warmth. You’ll also save energy immediately. This will lower your heating bills significantly. The Invicta line offers wood stoves in two different materials. Here are a few key facts to help you make your choice.

Why choose a cast iron wood stove?

Cast iron is the traditional choice for major producers of wood-powered heating units. Its high heat conductivity and thermal inertia make it the ideal heating material. The heat created by combustion of the wood is stored in the cast iron. It is then evenly distributed around the room thanks to the regularity of its release.

Several other valuable qualities make cast iron an ideal material for wood stoves:

• its durability and resistance to thermal distortion.

• its excellent flowability (fluidity of the alloy), which gives the finished product a “peach skin” or velvety feel that’s almost silky.

• Invicta’s mastery of cast iron as a material allows us to offer many original, designer models.

Why choose a steel wood stove?

Unlike cast iron, steel does not store heat naturally. To mitigate this problem, the combustion chamber of a steel wood stove is often lined with vermiculite panels or refractory concrete. The panels store the heat generated by the combustion of the logs. Invicta also lines the interior of some steel stoves with removable cast iron parts. This improves quality and durability even more!

Lighter than cast iron stoves, steel wood stoves are discreet and efficient for daily use. Steel stoves feature excellent workmanship, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Invicta offers several cast iron and steel wood stove models. This lets you choose the heating system that meets your needs the best.

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