Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

The ideal heating solution for the renovation and optimization of open fireplaces

Invicta inserts, for more efficient, environmentally friendly fireplaces.
Keep your fireplace and increase its efficiency!

Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

Inserts are wood heating units that are often used to fill an existing fireplace.

High efficiency and optimal wood consumption

Thanks to this high-performance, environmentally-friendly system, your open-hearth fireplace can be transformed into a closed hearth. With this one simple change, you’ll enjoy an increase in efficiency and a decrease in pollutant emissions into the atmosphere.

A high-performance unit ready to install in your fireplace

Our insert features a streamlined cast iron firebox that comes equipped with a double wall, ensuring the circulation of ambient air around the unit. This supports the transfer of heat. The insert functions by forced convection. Fans suck in ambient air from the room through the bottom of the unit. The cool air is heated in the double-walled chamber, then pushed out through the outlet vents at the top front of the insert. Additional hot air vents release hot air through the top of the fireplace hood. Hot air is also spread through the vitroceramic glass panel.

This heating system allows you to keep your current fireplace. Thanks to this closed, windowed unit, you’ll improve heating performance. Efficiency will go from 10-15% to over 70%. Since the insert heats a room much more efficiently than an open hearth, you’ll also lower your heating bills significantly. We invite you to discover Invicta’s other exciting products.

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