Democratic design

We’re all entitled to good design

For Invicta, design only makes sense if it’s accessible to the widest possible audience.

It should not be reserved for the elite, but shared by all.

A true innovator, Invicta has reimagined the wood stove, offering clean new lines designed for those wanting to add a modern touch to their interior design. This vision, both chic and accessible, is perfectly in tune with the times. Invicta is part of the trend being called “democratic design.”

Democratic design is based on 5 pillars:

It’s the quality of the lines, and the drawing, that gives the stove a successful aesthetic. It alone adds style to the entire house. The stove becomes the heart – and central decorative element – of the hearth. Form is, of course, the best known meaning of the word “design.”

The Invicta stove is perfectly thought out, not only for its aesthetic but also its functionality. Function is what guarantees performance, efficiency and comfort. It’s also perfectly ergonomic, so it’s optimized for very natural use.

While staying accessible, Invicta wood stoves also have a level of quality recognized worldwide. They’re made in France, in the Ardennes. The quality is controlled to be perfectly consistent.

Since its conception, Invicta designers have integrated durability into the life cycle of their products. The materials are recyclable, while the fuel is the first renewable energy used in France. Sustainability is an integral part of design.

Accessibility for many is an integral constraint of the stove’s design. This is, of course, an essential pillar of democratic design. It refers to accessibility of price, but also proximity of sales points and installers.

These fundamental pillars inspire our designers, engineers, technicians and R&D specialists every day.

We’re all entitled to good design

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