Wood Burning Fireplaces

Classic and decorative styles: A wide selection to customize your fireplace area

Closed hearths for fireplaces: practical and affordable, yet visually appealing.
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Wood Burning Fireplaces

Classic Closed Hearths

Closed hearths are cast iron fireboxes with flues (cap) that work by natural convection: the air is heated in the masonry of the fireplace and evacuated through adapted grills in the hood. Hot air is also spread through the vitroceramic glass panel.

The popularity of closed hearths is partly due to their use of wood, a renewable resource that has been drawing new attention these past few years for being both carbon neutral and inexpensive.

A wide variety of products for your comfort and enjoyment

Invicta offers a diverse line of closed hearths, from very traditional fireplaces to truly modern hearths. You can choose between several widths, from compact to extra-large. Pick the window style you like best: straight, panoramic or prismatic, wide angle or double-sided. For those who love a roaring fire, Invicta offers a line of hearths with openable doors (double-opening).

Invicta features next generation closed hearths

Invicta’s models are high-performance and environmentally-friendly, and feature the latest technology: post-combustion (double combustion), air control (a combustion-regulating box for better control fire speed and optimize wood consumption), and airtight, ductable systems that meet the RT2012 French energy efficiency standards. Feel free to contact our distributors for advice and more information about our closed hearths. They can help clarify your needs and identify the right kind of hearth for your home.

Decorative, Trendy Designer

Hearths Appearance is of central importance for many of our French clients, who want their living spaces to be harmonious and refined. In other words, the fireplace has to go with the rest of the room’s decor!

Luckily, here at Invicta, we pride ourselves on combining performance and beauty, offering designer products for every home. Fireplaces can be beautiful, discreet, imposing, or romantic, to satisfy every requirement.

A subtle designer screen to frame the dancing flames

This was Invicta’s goal for its line of hearths designed to be fitted into a casing. You’ll see an open fireplace transformed into a high-performance, designer closed hearth with our 1000 Symphonie designer hearth. Only the original, daring design on the front is visible: a subtle designer screen that frames the dancing flames. The handle for opening and closing the designer hearth is discreet, hidden behind the frame.

A fireplace in harmony with your decor

Installing a designer hearth is a lovely way to harmonize your heating system with its new environment and match it to the look of your home. You can choose a classic or a modern style. The leather effect, for example, is a spectacular choice. Because we understand that your fireplace will become part of the room’s furniture and your personal style, we offer several designer hearth styles and formats. Browse them all on our website or by visiting our distributors.

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