A new generation of plug-in pellet stoves

Plug-IN, the most innovative pellet stove concept on the market

A new generation of pellet stoves with an updated design and all-new technology combining the practicality of a pellet stove with the silence and radiant heat of a cast-iron stove.
Plug-IN technology and the Cannelé model were awarded the 2019 Janus Industry Prize by the Institut Français du Design.

A new generation of plug-in pellet stoves

Traditionally, pellet stoves come with a pellet reservoir, called a hopper, located within the stove body by the firebox, often in the rear section of the unit. This technical constraint has led to an esthetic constraint. From the beginning, all pellet stove designs have been cubic or parallelogram-shaped.

Innovative technology and new design

After refreshing the old pellet stove design back in the early 2000s, Invicta spent several years establishing itself in the pellet stove market. Thanks to a technical collaboration with our Italian partner Caminetti Montegrappa, a pellet stove leader in Italy and Europe, and our designer Bernard Dequet, Invicta has risen to the challenge. We have completely revolutionized pellet stoves. Our Cannelé Plug-IN model won the 2019 Janus de l’Industrie Prize, awarded by the Institut Français du Design. This recognition, presented by a jury of professional designers, confirms the legitimate role our Plug-IN technology can play in improving quality of life.

Cast iron stoves with a fabulous new look

By putting the stoves’ technical workings into an ingenious wall reservoir, Invicta has freed itself from the stranglehold of the “pellet box.” We now offer several unique models that plug into the hopper. These fabulous-looking products come in the same shapes that have made Invicta so successful, as well as brand new looks. Plug-IN is truly a new technology, paving the way for the next generation of pellet stoves.

Simple, ingenious cast iron stoves for daily use

Plug-IN stoves offer longer burn times (up to 31 hours) thanks to high capacity wall reservoirs (22 kg). The reservoirs provide an additional technical feature. They also function as screens, reducing the safety distance required from combustible materials. They can be leaned right up against the wall. They also hold a tool for refilling the reservoir. Temperature can be regulated using the control panel. Our Plug-IN stoves provide gentle, consistent heat.

Quiet, radiant cast-iron stoves

Our Plug-IN stoves work silently:

– with natural convection, not a wind tunnel: the cast iron firebox, a simple shell, radiates heat into the room, spreading a wonderful feeling of warmth.

– with natural draft, not a smoke extractor fan. (OVE and ARATOS models)

– A smoke extractor fan is included in all AUTO models.

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