Pellet Inserts

Bringing thermal efficiency and ease of use to your fireplace

Transform your existing fireplace or create a whole new heating area.
Practical, programmable pellet inserts offer high yield for optimal comfort.

Pellet Inserts

Pellet inserts allow you to keep your current fireplace while enjoying the benefits of a practical, high-performance operating system.

The comfort and burn time of combustible pellets

Pellet inserts or hearths are inserted in your fireplace, improving its burn time and allowing it to use a practical, easy-to-store renewable energy source. Wood pellets are an economical, environmentally-friendly and practical combustible. You can also program their use, which allows you to set specific heating times, for example during the night.

Smart, easy to use fireplaces

Pellet inserts or hearths generally offer the same advantages as closed hearths or classic inserts. The “roaring fire” atmosphere is just as warm as with an open-hearth fireplace. However, the overwhelming success of pellet hearths and inserts in the past few years is mainly due to their practicality. These smart, easy to use fireplaces meet today’s demands perfectly.

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