Invicta cast iron stoves, fireplaces and inserts certified by the Origine France Garantie!

The range of stoves, fireplaces and cast iron inserts manufactured by the Invicta Group meet all the requirements of the Origine France Garantie’s reference system. The Pro France association and the Bureau Veritas certification body have attested to this since 11 March 2019, by issuing the Attestation of Conformity N° 7208672.

This is great news for the Invicta Group, and all its employees and resellers who’ve always been passionate about showcasing the expertise of the group’s French production teams: the foundry and enamelling companies located in the Grand Est region of Champagne-Ardenne.

But it’s especially good news for consumers, because the Origine France Garantie label is the only certification that guarantees a product’s French origins. This certification is indisputable – particularly after an audit – because it’s been validated by an independent certifying body. It’s clear, simple and easily identifiable by the consumer.



The guarantee of a product’s French origin

A large range of the Invicta Group’s cast iron appliances benefits from the Origine France Garantie: nearly 100 wood stoves, 50 fireplaces and 20 inserts. These products are identifiable by the Origine France Garantie logo, a visible and well-known cross-brand for the consumer.

The Origine France Garantie label helps the Invicta Group reinforce its French manufacturing discourse and meet consumers’ expectations in terms of quality and responsibility.

About the OFG label

Started by Yves Jégo in 2009, following a mission entrusted by the President of the Republic, the Origine France Garantie label is promoted by the PROFRANCE association. 

With the Origine France Garantie, you’re ensured that the product takes its most essential characteristics from a location in France. A certifying body provides the OFG label after a company submits the application for approval, and a certification audit occurs. The label is given for a 3-year period, during which time two follow-up and compliance audits are conducted. (

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