700 GA Air-tight Inset Stove

The front door of the Foyer 700 Air Control incorporates a discreet frame to enhance the fire experience and facilitate installation into a framework. Télématin Report: Renovating Your Fireplace

Reference: P647043
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Why this product?
Air control

Central combustion gearbox with a single control that offers: * simple, balanced management of all of the distributed air, * better control of flame height (min, normal, and max), * control over wood consumption, * cleaner, more efficient combustion, * a secondary air intake for more reliable protection of the glass * total shutdown of the air intake in the event of a prolonged shutdown of the unit.

Airtight unit RT2012 / RE2020 compatible

Ideal for low-energy consumption construction (BBC), RT2012 or RE2020. The unit is equipped with a central fresh air input on a connection nozzle:
* no air intake in the room,
* direct connection possible to crawl space or external air intake.

Continuous and intermittent

The unit can operate in intermittent or continuous mode. Intermittent mode requires frequent addition of new wood. It is particularly high-performing and respectful of the environment. Continuous mode with low flame, enables a minimum operating period of 3 hours without intervention.

Decorative fireplace

A line of decorative hearths intended to be mounted in a casing. Only the front door with its clever and original design remains visible, providing a subdued, elegant surrounding in which to view the flames.

Optional support stand

Stainless-steel support stand available as an option to make it easier to install a decorative hearth in its casing. It can be adapted to all models of decorative hearth, ref. 6965-80/

Origine France Garantie (Made in France Guarantee)

The Origine France Garantie is the only certification that certifies a product was manufactured in France. This labeling is validated by an independent organization, after an audit. (Bureau Veritas No.7208672). OFG products are manufactured in France at Invicta Group manufacturing sites.

Post-combustion system

Injection of pre-heated air into the combustion chamber The supplementary air intake in the back enables hydrocarbons to be destroyed at a high temperature. Complete combustion reduces pollution.

Wide angle outer glass

Screen-printed glass placed on the outside of the door provides a modern style with a good view of the flames.

Optimal heat output (kW)
9 kW
Heat output adjustment (kW)
6 to 13.5 kW
Heating volume (m³)
125 to 275 m³
Heating surface (m²)
50 to 110 m²
Flamme verte (environmental label)
7 stars
Useful efficiency (%)
Seasonal efficiency - ETAS
CO (%)
0,12 %
CO (mg/Nm³)
Dust (mg/Nm³)
36 mg/Nm³
GOC (mg/Nm³)
NOx (mg/Nm³)
Energy Efficiency Index (EEI)
Flue gas mass flow (g/s)
Flue gas temperature (°C)
Logs 25, Logs 33, Logs 50 cm
Maximum log length (horizontally)
54 cm
Façade, Front
Flue exit
Dessus, Top
Flue diameter (mm)
200, 200 mm
Direct Air-supply (mm)
100 mm
Dimensions - H * W * D (mm)
702 x 713 x 477
Weight (kg)
Category of the feeder (opening, inserts)
Cast Iron, Fonte
EN 13229
2 years + extension 3 years*, 2 years + extension 3 years*
Option (accessories)
Support stand
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