Nola 7 Pellet Stove

In red, black or grey, Nola has a very trendy and high performance look. But it turns out to be a very practical way to program your heating comfort.

Reference: P641877
  • BlackPoêle à granulés Invicta Nola noir
  • GrisPoêle à granulés Invicta Nola gris
  • RedPoêle à bois granulés Invicta Nola rouge
  • logo Flamme Verte 7 étoiles
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Why this product?
1-year extended warranty

For pellet appliances, the 1-year warranty extension is conditional on the is conditional on the product being registered online.

Hourly schedule

*DAY: The unit has 2 daily programs so it can turn on and off twice per day
*WEEK: the unit has 4 weekly programs so that you can program it to turn on and off 4 times per day, every day of the week.
*WEEKEND: the unit has 2 programs for the weekend (Saturday, Sunday), which enable it to turn on and off twice per day

Optional external thermostat control (not included)

Air distribution connection lines are available as an option. Reference P690080: kit 2 connection lines & screws.

Optional WiFi kit

Possibility of connecting an optional Wifi kit to the pellet stove to control it remotely, from a mobile device.

Regulate the flame or room temperature

*Adjust operating power: 5 pre-programmed power settings managed automatically.
*Adjust the preset temperature: you choose the desired ambiant temperature in the room. It is measured using a wire probe. The wood pellet stove adjusts its power to reach and maintain the requested value.

Remote provided with stove

Remote can control the stove from a distance: turn on or off, adjust the power or room temperature manually.


Standby is a backup feature of the device. The unit turns off if the room temperature is 3°C higher than the temperature set for over 60 seconds. The unit turns on again when the room temperature drops 1°C below the temperature set.

Ventilator for hot air output

A tangential forced convection ventilator is used. It distributes the hot air inside the room.

Optimal heat output (kW)
7 kW
Heat output adjustment (kW)
3 to 7 kW
Heating volume (m³)
65 to 210 m3
Heating surface (m²)
25 to 85 m²
Flamme verte (environmental label)
7 stars
Useful efficiency (%)
88 - 94,2
Seasonal efficiency - ETAS
CO (%)
0,0094 - 0,0231
CO (mg/Nm³)
118 - 289
Dust (mg/Nm³)
6 - 10
GOC (mg/Nm³)
3 - 18
NOx (mg/Nm³)
110 - 126
Energy Efficiency Index (EEI)
Flue gas mass flow (g/s)
2,5 - 6,3
Flue gas temperature (°C)
92 -166
Natural wood pellets
length: 30 mm diameter: 6 mm
Hopper capacity (kg)
16.5 kg
Consumption (kg/h)
0.67 to 1.68 kg/hour
Minimum autonomy (H)
9 hours
Maximum autonomy (H)
Flue exit
Flue diameter (mm)
80 mm
Flue exit height from floor (mm)
Heating body
Nola, Lodi
Tension (V) / frequency (Hertz)
230 V / 50 Hertz
Electric power (W)
410 W
Dimensions - H * W * D (mm)
1125 x 465 x 500
Weight (kg)
108 kg
Painted steel cladding
Black, Gris, Red
EN 14785 compliant
2 years + extension 1 year*
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