Charcoal barbecues

The purists - fans of the charcoal barbecue

Charcoal barbecues are for outdoor use only. They are fuelled with charcoal, wood, vine clippings or briquettes.

Barbecue enthusiasts, also commonly called “purists” often consider this sort of barbecue to be the only one for grilling food and giving it that special taste.

THE taste particular to a barbecue!

This standpoint indicates that while charcoal barbecues are not the most practical, no other form of barbecue cooks meat and fish to give this tasty flavour.

The main disadvantage of this type of barbecue is lighting it. In fact, to light a fire you need specific expertise - that can quickly become problematic - if the person is in a hurry, in particular: it takes thirty minutes or so before the charcoal is smouldering perfectly, that is to say until it is red underneath and grey on top.

Charcoal barbecues have considerably improved

However, charcoal barbecues have considerably improved in recent years notably with the possibility of adjusting the intensity of the fire on some models. Other options have also been developed such as the integration of a blow mechanism to facilitate lighting or a tray to catch the ash to simplify cleaning your barbecue. Some models also come with covers which help retain the heat and speed up the cooking of certain types of food. Invicta offers a wide collection of charcoal barbecues with the characteristics corresponding to your needs: rotisseries, easy-clean removable grills and rollers to simplify movement.  So choose a practical barbecue that matches your needs for simplified everyday use.

Charcoal barbecues are still the ones used by fans of authenticity

Charcoal barbecues account for 15% of sales. They are the barbecues most used by fans of authenticity and charcoal grilling. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our retailers for advice and obtain accurate details on the use of charcoal barbecues. Together you will be able to find the barbecue most suitable for your outside space and receive help with taking a decision.