Decorative hearths

Invicta contemporary decorative hearths for top performance with visual appeal

Visual appeal is an essential criterion for many people in France who want refined, uniform interiors. In other words, the fireplace simply must integrate harmoniously into the room!

Fortunately, at Invicta, it is a point of honour for us to combine top performance with visual appeal, offering ultra-modern products for everyone. The fireplace must be attractive, discreet, imposing or romantic - too meet every kind of requirement.

Refined and ultra-modern to set off the flames

Invicta has devised a range of built-in decorative hearths.

Only the surround with its original, clever decor remains visible, offering a refined and ultra-modern frame for the flames. The handle to open and close a decorative hearth is discreetly concealed behind the surround.

A decorative hearth is a great way to integrate your installation into its new environment and tie it closely in with your decoration. You can opt for a classic decor or more modern style - for example, a leather effect would be ideal.

We know that your fireplace has to go with your furniture and personal atmosphere which is why we offer several decorative styles and formats - why not check them out on our Internet site or by visiting our retailers?