Hearths for chimneys

Closed hearths for chimneys

A closed hearth, with a cast iron body and smoke chamber (housing) works by natural convection: the air is heated in the masonry chimney flue and evacuated by grills in the hood. The hot air is also diffused by the radiation of the vitroceramic glass.

The craze for closed hearths can be explained in particular by the use of wood, a renewable form of energy very popular in the past few years, offering a carbon neutrality and still remaining fairly inexpensiv.

Closed hearths for chimneys - practical, economical as well as visually attractive

Overall, closed hearths for chimneys constitute a practical, economical as well as visually attractive heating system. Take advantage of an inimitable, welcoming atmosphere in your room. Invicta offers a wide range of closed hearths for chimneys, suitable for all types of decor, ranging from the most traditional fireplace to the most modern hearth. There is a choice of several widths, from the most compact format to the largest, and several styles: straight glass, panoramic or prismatic glass, wide angle or double-sided. For fans of open fires, Invicta also has fireplaces with doors that can be raised (dual opening).

Invicta offers the latest generation of closed hearths

From a technical standpoint, Invicta offers the latest generation of increasingly efficient, environmentally-friendly closed hearth fireplaces. Several models come with the latest technology: post-combustion (double combustion), air control (combustion adjustment unit to control the pace of the fire and optimise wood consumption), airtight, connectable stoves, compatible with 2012 thermal regulations (RT2012), etc.

Do not hesitate to contact our retailers for advice and obtain accurate details of closed hearth fireplaces. Your needs will be accurately identified to define the type of fireplace appropriate for your home.

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