Cannelé Plug-IN AUTO Right

Be part of the pellet stove revolution…enjoy the design and the many advantages of the Cannelé Plug-IN. This modern-looking cast iron stove silently radiates and diffuses a wonderful feeling of warmth. This product was selected by Hexaôm for its YRYS concept house of the future.

Reference: P642151

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Why this product?
Adjustable secondary air

Secondary air protects the glass against smoke and soot deposits. It ensures combustion of volatile materials. The adjustable secondary air flow can adapt the unit’s operation to high draft conditions.

Hourly schedule

*DAY: The unit has 2 daily programs so it can turn on and off twice per day
*WEEK: the unit has 4 weekly programs so that you can program it to turn on and off 4 times per day, every day of the week.
*WEEKEND: the unit has 2 programs for the weekend (Saturday, Sunday), which enable it to turn on and off twice per day

Innovative wall module technique

The Plug-IN technology is based on placing the technical portion of the stove in a clever wall module. This module has a high capacity (22 kg) reservoir that offers extended operating life (up to 31 hours). This wall module offers an additional technical feature. It acts as a shield to reduce the safe distance from the combustible materials. It can therefore be placed directly on the wall. Finally, it has a backlit control panel and conceals an accessory for filling the reservoir.

Optional external thermostat control (not included)

Air distribution connection lines are available as an option. Reference P690080: kit 2 connection lines & screws.

Regulate the flame or room temperature

*Adjust operating power: 5 pre-programmed power settings managed automatically.
*Adjust the preset temperature: you choose the desired ambiant temperature in the room. It is measured using a wire probe. The wood pellet stove adjusts its power to reach and maintain the requested value.

Standby function

Standby is a backup feature of the device. The unit turns off if the room temperature is 3°C higher than the temperature set for over 3 minutes. The unit turns on again when the room temperature drops 1°C below the temperature set.

7 kW
Power modulation
3 to 7 kW
Heat volume
65 to 210 m3
Heating surface
25 to 85 m²
Green flame
7 stars
88 to 90%
CO rate
0.02 to 0.04%
Concentration of powders
30 mg/Nm³
Performance index
Granules of natural wood
length: 30 mm diameter: 6 mm
Capacity of the shaft
22 kg
0.7 to 1.7 kg/hour
Minimum autonomy
13 hours
Maximum autonomy
31 hours
Smoke exhaust
On top of the hopper on the right
Diameter of nozzle
80 mm
Voltage frequency feed
230 V / 50 Hertz
Max. absorbed electrical power
400 W
H 1300 x L 780 x W 658
157 kg
Cast Iron + Steel
Anthracite, Heating unit in anthracite cast iron, Wall hopper in painted steel
EN 14785 compliant
2 years
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