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A lifestyle in itself, the barbecue lends itself to culinary innovation

With the arrival of summer comes the season for lunches and dinners out of doors. To give your meals with friends or family extra sparkle, there is nothing better than a barbecue, now a familiar sight on patios balconies and in gardens in France.

A barbecue can create a special atmosphere for eating gourmet food in a relaxed manner. A lifestyle in itself, the barbecue lends itself to culinary innovation and leisurely time spent eating delicious kebabs, sausages, fish and other tasty food. An object of pleasure, synonymous with magic moments, foodies love using a barbecue on a sunny day and make this a decorative piece of equipment for enjoying food, perfectly integrated into outdoor space.

Analysing your barbecue needs

At Invicta we have a number of barbecues to help you create the right atmosphere for you. Choosing a barbecue means you need to give it some thought to carefully identify your needs. You can opt for a charcoal barbecue, a gas one, a bread oven or a traditional Mexican brazier, depending on what you fancy, your favourite type of food, the space you have for the equipment or the atmosphere you want to create in your outside space. Thanks to the judicious recommendations of Invicta retailers, you will easily be able to find the barbecue to meet your criteria, from a visual aspect as well as the cooking performance. We are aware that a barbecue is a big investment that will partly dictate your summer meals so we make every effort to offer you a service to match your requirements.

Each barbecue creates a different atmosphere

From an ultra-modern barbecue to a typically Mexican brazier, not forgetting gas or charcoal barbecues, every model in our collection has its own particular qualities. Each barbecue offers an atmosphere, type of cooking or space requirement that differs from one model to the next.

Perhaps you are looking for a charcoal barbecue to cook food in the inimitable way, synonymous with what purists term “a real barbecue”? On the other hand, you may be looking for a gas barbecue, that is to say a piece of equipment that is practical, easy to use and fast to heat up in a modern design. And why not opt for the renowned bread oven, offering a quite unique quality of cooking or the traditional Mexican brazier which, as well as being used for cooking, will warm up your spring parties?
Do not hesitate to take a look at our entire collection in the online catalogue or directly in our retailers’ stores to get a proper idea of the equipment you need.

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