Gas barbecues

Gas barbecues - an all-year-round solution

Gas barbecues are ideal for people wishing to use their barbecues all year round. It is true they take up space but they are easy to light and the temperature can be adjusted almost immediately. Five minutes is generally all that is needed for the grills to heat up and be ready to use for cooking.

Invicta gas barbecues - complete models

Gas barbecues are equipped with a cover and often come with a range of accessories such as a rotisserie, plancha or spare grill. On a more technical level, Invicta offers complete models, with a thermometer integrated into the cover so that you can keep an eye on the temperature at a glance and cook the meat or fish quickly and evenly.

Invicta retailers are at your disposal to explain in detail how the gas barbecue works and show you what you need to do with the butane or propane gas bottle that is part of the equipment. In fact, it is essential to take a few precautions such as checking the flexible hose is leaktight and always closing the gas inlet after use. It is also important to empty the fat collection tray to avoid a potential outbreak of fire.

Gas barbecues - from ultra-modern to very classic

Since we know that your barbecue has to blend into your outdoor space and will be a key element during your summer meals, we offer a number of models of gas barbecue from ultra-modern to very classic - check them out now on the Invicta site or at our retailers.