Fireplaces & inserts - an economical and ecological system

Fireplaces with inserts or closed hearths are still major classics in terms of woodfired heating. This system is both economical and ecological, at the same time providing particularly pleasant heating comfort.

Not forgetting the “fire” atmosphere which is still a major plus point for fireplaces with hearths or inserts, giving this unique, convivial atmosphere to your interior.

Analysing your needs.

When you decide to have a fireplace or insert installed in your home, start by analysing your needs. If you are dreaming of an open fire, you should be aware that a fireplace atmosphere will be ideal but that this system is not considered a method of heating in view of its low performance - only between 10 and 15% - and considerable atmospheric pollution. This being said, many people enjoy the authenticity of an open fire, which can be used as an extra form of pleasant heating in a well-insulated home, with an efficient main heating system.

A fireplace with a closed hearth gives off more heat

Over and above the decorative criterion alone, you can opt for an insert or closed hearth. While the log fire and fireplace decoration atmospheres are similar to the open fireplace, the main difference lies at the level of performance: an enclosed fire produces more heat, with a performance from 70 to 75% for hearths or inserts using logs and even 85% or over 90% for pellet inserts. In addition, wood combustion is prolonged, extending autonomy by several hours.

For fans of open hearth blazes seeking an efficient heating solution, Invicta offers a range of closed hearth solutions with a dual opening system. The door can be raised to enjoy the view of the flames in an open hearth atmosphere. In closed hearth mode, the level of efficiency is high. Whether for the pleasure of an open fire or for heating purposes, Invicta raised door systems allow you to combine energy performance with the authenticity of an open fire.

The difference between a closed hearth and an insert often depends on the space occupied by the fireplace.

An insert is compact and installed in an existing open fireplace. In view of the space taken up above the fire (large smoke chamber/housing), a closed hearth fireplace is more suitable for installation in a new fireplace, fitted all around it. But these 2 types of heating also differ in terms of other characteristics, notably by the way they operate. A closed hearth functions by natural convection while an insert is equipped with turbines and uses a forced ventilation system.

The conditions required for installation

Whether you opt for an open or closed hearth or an insert, you must have a flue lining that meets current standards. A qualified installer will transform your existing chimney or create one in line with current standards and the conditions required for your heating appliance to function correctly.

Ultra-modern fireplaces and inserts

Invicta has a large collection of fireplaces, decorative fireplaces and inserts for chimneys tailored perfectly to your requirements and needs. Our wide range of fireplaces and inserts for chimneys is suitable for any atmosphere and interior decor - whether it is traditional, standard, modern or very contemporary. For fans of blazing fires, Invicta has created an ultra-modern range of products: the “Grand Angle” (wide angle). The fireplaces and inserts in this series come with a wide exterior glass front offering a panoramic view to fire lovers. With the help of our retailers, you are bound to find the fireplace or insert to match your requirements, combining visual appeal with top performance.

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