Plug-in, new generation of pellet stoves

Plug-in: Invicta revolutionises pellet stoves

Invicta invents a new generation of pellet stoves with a fresh design and unprecedented technology.
Plug-in technology lets you choose from several original models of cast iron stoves. Plug-in transforms them into high performance pellet stoves by using a remote wall hopper. The Plug-in stoves are easy to use and diffuse a soft and controlled heat thanks to its high capacity wall tank (22 kg), great autonomy (up to 27 hours), and control panel for adjusting the temperature. They are also silent.
Historically, pellet stoves were designed with a granules container, called a hopper. This hopper was usually placed next to the stove body, often behind it. This technical constraint, which became an aesthetic constraint, have limited the manufacturing of pellet stoves to two designs: cubic or parallelepipedic.

Unique technology and a new design

Invicta has launched very stunning design of stoves in early 2000s, and wanted to break into the market for pellet stoves, with distinctive patterns. Through technical collaboration with its Italian partner Caminetti Montegrappa, a leader in the pellet stove industry in Italy and Europe, and its designer Bernard Dequet, Invicta has managed to achieve this challenge. The company now features completely redesigned pellet stove models.

Beautiful cast iron stoves

By relocating the technical part of the stove into a clever wall tank, Invicta has freed itself from the "pellet box" and offers several original models that connect to the hopper. Some of these beautiful new stoves are similar to Invicta’s best sellers, and some have new aesthetics. Plug-in is truly a new technology, paving the way for a new generation of pellet stoves.

Ingenious and easy-to-use cast-iron stoves

The Plug-in stoves have a great autonomy (up to 31 hours) thanks to the high capacity wall tank (22 kg). This tank has multiple purposes. It acts as a screen and reduces the safe distance for combustible materials. Therefore, it can be placed directly against a wall. Additionally, it hides a filling accessory for the tank. The control panel allows you to adjust the temperature. Plug-IN stoves thus provide soft and regulated warmth.

Silent and radiant cast-iron stoves

Plug-IN stoves (OVE and ARATOS models) are completely silent:
* when using natural convection, without fan: the cast-iron stove body, with its single wall, radiates throughout the room to heat and diffuse a wonderful stream of heat.
* with natural draft, without smoke extractor.


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