Invicta planchas - simple, healthy cooking

Planchas have become extremely popular over the past few years as cooking this way has proved particularly simple and healthy. The principle is to cook the food in its own juices without adding any oil. In addition, meat and fish, as well as vegetables cook evenly and are never in direct contact with the flame.

Cooking is therefore healthy and fast as a plancha is a flat cooking surface without any openings, unlike grills. Small pieces of food can be cooked on it, such as vegetables or shellfish which is impossible with a traditional barbecue as the food inevitably ends up burnt.

Invicta planchas - easy to clean, easier to maintain

A plancha can be gas or electric. The cooking plate, made of stainless steel, steel or cast iron, is easy to clean and much easier to maintain than a traditional barbecue. There are a number of models available at Invicta and you can check out our wide range of planchas on our Internet site or directly in our retailers’ stores.

Planchas for all seasons

Some models can even be used indoors so you can make the most of them during the winter months. These are table-top planchas, that is to say ones that take up little space and are easy to move. Planchas on trolleys are larger and blend impeccably into an outdoor space or patio. All our products can be viewed in our online catalogue, available on our Internet site.

You can contact Invicta retailers at their sales outlets to find out about the type of plancha that is really you and matches your needs.


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Plancha with trolley

Planchas on trolleys, an even larger cooking surface Planchas on trolleys have all the specific ...

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