Plancha with trolley

Planchas on trolleys, an even larger cooking surface

Planchas on trolleys have all the specific features for plancha cooking. They have the advantage of having a larger cooking surface so you can cook for several people at the same time.

You do not need to stagger serving: these planchas are designed for outdoors and enable you to cook healthy food for your guests in a fun manner in spring or summer evenings.

The trolley makes the plancha and utensils easy to move

You can move it around or put it under cover for the winter without fear of damage. Most trolley planchas come with a cover to protect them as well as to keep food warm if not eaten right away.

There is also a small shelf under the cooking system to store certain utensils for example. The various Invicta models are tailored to your needs, the aim being to make daily life easier and offer you top quality equipment, made in France.

You can view all our planchas on trolleys in the online catalogue or check out our products at our various retailers.

Plancha trolley