Wood-burning stoves - an ecological system creating a unique atmosphere

Wood-burning stoves have been riding the crest of the wave in the past few years and have proved extremely popular in France where people have simply fallen for this type of heating system with significant benefits. Both efficient and practical, the stoves have become veritable heating solutions. Their owners are also able to make real energy savings.

Wood-burning stoves function with the leading renewable source of energy in France: wood biomass. This heating system is ecological and creates a unique atmosphere, with a gain in thermal comfort.

There are two possible uses for wood-burning stoves, each of them tailored to a specific need:

- the use of wood-burning stoves by home owners or tenants wishing to use this material as their main heating
- or the use of a wood-burning stove as an extra heating system.

Cost and grants

Both types of use will depend on the output of the wood-burning stove chosen, the performance and, of course, the price. Irrespective of its characteristics or purchase price, a wood-burning stove offers substantial energy savings, with the initial investment soon recovered. The cost can, moreover, be reduced thanks to public grants:

• CITE tax credit for energy transition (30% of the amount for the stove which must be installed by an accredited company meeting specific environmental qualification criteria (RGE accreditation).
• energy saving certificates,
• grants from some local authorities, etc..

Wood-burner stoves with a “flamme verte” seal of approval entitle purchasers to receive these public grants. As of 1 January, 2012, the “flamme verte” seal of approval has indicated the energy performance of wood-burning stoves by means of a star rating system: the most efficient wood-burning stoves have 5, 6 or 7 star “flamme verte” ratings.

Invicta - the creator of cast iron stoves made in France

Invicta’s production, foundry and enamelling sites are located in the Ardennes region between Sedan and Charleville Mézières. Anyone purchasing an Invicta cast iron stove is guaranteed a wood-burning stove entirely designed and made in France. Nowadays, the Invicta 100% made in France brand is an essential in the world of wood heating systems: carefully produced cast iron, varied and often daring shapes of the stoves, well-thought out, innovative design, high technical and environmental quality and a good quality/price ratio. With Invicta you are investing in a top French quality cast iron stove - without setting your budget alight.

Performance and visual appeal at Invicta

To find the wood-burning stove to suit your home and decor, we offer products in various styles, corresponding to contemporary, ultra-modern interiors, as well as more classic or rustic interiors. Cast iron stoves, fireplaces, pellet fuel stoves, metal stoves, airtight wood-burning stoves, mixed log and pellet stoves - all these products are available immediately from Invicta. Each one will create an inimitable warming atmosphere and, at the same time, protect the environment. Apart from the visual aspect, Invicta models offer high energy and environmental performance, with efficiency from 70 to over 90% and low dust emission. Invicta’s Design Department is also developing new technology: clean glass system, prolonged combustion, post-combustion (double combustion), air control (combustion adjustment unit to control the pace of the fire and optimise wood consumption), airtight, connectable stoves, compatible with 2012 thermal regulations (RT2012), etc.

At the leading edge of modern living and technology, Invicta wood-burning stoves are attractive, ecological and economical. Whatever your style of interior decor, our retailers (large DIY stores, installation tradesmen, Invicta shops, etc.) are at your disposal to guide and advise you with the choice of a wood-burning stove tailored to your needs. They can also verify the technical feasibility of your project and propose the installation of your log or pellet burner in line with current standards.

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