The Invicta casserole to simmer and cook dishes with precision

Cast iron casseroles are objects that have been used for simple, easy cooking through the ages. The reason why they continue to be so popular with renowned chefs is that they are excellent conductors of heat.

In fact, by gradually diffusing heat, the casserole enables dishes to be simmered and cooked with precision on any type of hob, including induction hobs.

Several types of cast iron casseroles

As we at Invicta know that cooking demands extreme precision, we offer several types of cast iron casserole. An oval casserole is mainly used for roasting meat and poultry: round casseroles are better for stewing. It all depends on your needs and the kind of cooking you are used to.
There are also products with a water container: the steam retained keeps food moist during cooking. To check out all the benefits of cast iron casseroles, do not hesitate to pop into one of our retailers’ stores and have a chat with a salesperson who will answer your questions.


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