Pellets: performance and simplicity

Pellets consisting of sawdust residue and wood chips constitute an excellent quality fuel. Their high energy performance offers efficient, pleasant heating.

With performance between 80 and 90%, pellet stoves generally exceed the performance of traditional log systems. They have a longer autonomy than wood-burning stoves. Some Invicta models have a capacity of 22kg, providing you with heat for up to 36 hours.

With their large capacity container, pellet stoves do not need regular stoking up. In addition, some models can be programmed and even controlled with a remote control. Easy to use, they give off gentle, constant heat over a long period without user intervention to keep the flames burning. Pellet stove technology combines efficiency with practicality benefits, giving you liberty and flexibility.

The purchase price of a pellet stove and pellets is nonetheless higher. If you want to take the pellets route, before making a purchase, check there is a supplier of this fuel in your geographical area.

Undecided? Take control of your fire and opt for mixed stoves

If you are still hovering between logs and pellets, INVICTA can offer a solution combining the advantages of the two types of fuel: mixed stoves. With an autonomy of over 12 hrs with pellets and a hearth that can accommodate logs of up to 38 cm, you will be free to choose between an automated method of heating and the conviviality of a log fire.


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