Table-top planchas - lightweight and easy to move

Table-top planchas are part of the large family of outdoor cooking appliances They have all the plus points of a traditional plancha but their size is an advantage: they can be moved around.

Specifically designed for patios, balconies and gardens, they are lightweight and easy to move: they can also be used indoors. You can make the most of a plancha all year round.

Planchas, fat-free cooking

The principle of a table-top plancha is the same as for a classic one. Cooking is exactly the same: the food is seared in its juices and you do not need to add any fat to cook it. Cooking is therefore healthy and nutritional. The only difference is the space it takes up which is very small. In fact this is why it has been such a tremendous success in recent years.

The Invicta plancha - guaranteed made in France

Check out the various models of table-top planchas directly on our Internet site or at our retailers: cooking surface sizes tailored to your needs, solid, durable coatings, guaranteed made in France.  You will soon find the right one for you for refined cooking all year round.

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