Cast iron stoves

Why choose a cast iron wood-burning stove

The historic choice of major wood burner constructors, cast iron constitutes the ideal heating material due to its excellent thermal conductivity and high inertia.
The heat developed by wood combustion is stored by the cast iron and restored to the home in the best possible manner thanks to the regularity of emission.

In addition to its high inertia, cast iron has many other invaluable properties, making it the ideal material for wood-burning stoves:

• its very high service life and resistance to deformation when hot,
• its excellent castability (alloy fluidity) giving it a “peachskin or velvety” finish, almost silky to the touch,
• expertise with cast iron materials means that Invicta can offer models in original, ultra-modern shapes.

The industrial process also takes environmental constraints into account, part of the raw material used being recycled cast iron (radiators, plumbing equipment, etc.). Another significant plus point for cast iron is that this material can be fully recycled.

Cast iron stoves have now become decorative objects in their own right and can be suitable for rustic or more contemporary interiors. Finally, over and above their robust look, they have an incredibly long service life.

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